Our Team

Our team is here to serve.

Our team of staff members are dedicated to the ministries of Generations. Feel free to reach out and contact us any time.


Pastor Troy is the lead pastor of Generations. He and his wife, Tabitha, founded Generations in 2005 with several other families. They live in Southport with their two children.

Troy Knight


Amanda directs our local and global outreach by providing opportunities for individuals and groups to serve. She lives with her husband Matthew and their daughter in Boiling Spring Lakes.

Amanda Pittman


Becky is the Finance Director at Generations. She enjoys people, numbers, swimming, reading, and chocolate. She and her husband, Tim, live in Southport.

Becky Ingold


Casey leads our Worship Team and oversees audio and lighting for the worship experience. He and his wife, Casey Lauren, live with their two daughters in Southport.

Casey Townsend


Chris oversees our Nest (6wks-Pre-K) environments to cultivate a sense of the wonder of God in our little ones. She lives with her husband, Mark, and their two children in Southport.

Chris Pratt


Cindy oversees our Small Group Ministry, she brings people and transformation together through Biblical community. She lives with her husband Vic in Southport.

Cindy Bliss

Small Groups

Erika specializes in creative communication through print and marketing. She attends UNCW and lives in Southport.

Erika Briggs


Greg’s 45 years in Christian ministry both direct and in management has prepared him to lead our support team. He and his wife live in Southport.

Greg Kinberg

Support Team

Jenny leads the First Impressions Team and all of our Guest Services areas, from the parking lot to the coffee bar. She lives with her husband, Wyatt, and their two daughters in Southport.

Jenny Klein

Guest Services

Kellie oversees the TreeHouse (K-5th), encourage kids to discover and grow in a relationship with Jesus. She lives with her husband, Jackson, and their two children in Southport.

Kellie Perry


Lee's previous experience as a Pastor and Marine have equipped him to serve the truly needy in our community. He and his wife live in the Southport area.

Lee Eiss


Lisa serves in our admin office providing support in record keeping and church communications. She lives with her husband, Tim, and their granddaughter on Oak Island.

Lisa Holland

Office Manager

Mark is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) with heart for God's design of both. He lives with his wife, Chris, and their two children in Southport

Mark Pratt


Shawn's 26 years in education and 17 years staff ministry have prepared him to serve as Coordinator of GC Youth. He lives in Southport with his wife Beth and has two adult children.

Shawn Haws

GC Youth

Sterling helps those new to Generations get connected to our ministries. He is also the lead communicator for the High School GC Youth. He and his wife Kellie live in Southport with their four children.

Sterling Griggs


Tabitha loves children and youth, and serves as Director of Family Ministries. She lives with her husband, Pastor Troy, and their two children in Southport.

Tabitha Knight

Family Mininistry

Wyatt oversees our e-media and publications. He also directs the Production Team during the worship experience. Wyatt lives with his wife, Jenny, and two daughters in Southport.

Wyatt Klein