Simon Peter

Simon Peter

DATE: 06/16/2013 (week 7 of 7)
TITLE: Simon Peter
TEXT: [bible passage=”Matthew 26:31-35″], [bible passage=”Matthew 26:69-75″ display=”69-75″]; [bible passage=”John 21:1-5″], [bible passage=”Matthew 26:8-15″ display=”8-15″]

What should I know and do?

KNOW: Even after blowing it, Peter made a comeback and so can we.

DO: Repent of sin, receive God’s forgiveness and begin serving God again.


  1. Discuss why we like stories of comebacks and use them as examples for others.
    • Why do we all have comeback stories?
  2. Read and discuss [bible passage=”Matthew 26:31-35″].
    • What was Peter’s attitude?
    • Read, compare and discuss [bible passage=”Matthew 26:69-75″]. (Notice how each denial intensifies.)
    • Now compare Peter’s attitude in verse [bible passage=”Matthew 26:75″, display=”26:75″].
    • Read [bible passage=”Luke 22:61″], which adds the point that Jesus was looking at Peter at this moment. How does this further intensify the impact on Peter?
  3. Think about the sermons over the last few weeks, and reflect on pride, arrogance, self-righteousness and self-reliance.
    • How must these be overcome to stage a comeback?
  4. Read [bible passage=”John 21:7″] and discuss Peter’s reaction to recognizing Jesus.
    • When we have sinned and are embarrassed, our natural reaction is to withdraw and hide. Why do you think Peter had an opposite reaction when he recognized Jesus?
    • In our personal comeback situations, discuss what we can learn from Peter.
  5. Read [bible passage=”John 21:18-19″].
    • What did Jesus mean when he said “when you are old you will stretch out your hands”?
    • What are the last two words of verse 19?
    • What is the last thing we need to know?
  6. The sermon stated some things about understanding God’s Spirit.  Discuss the statement “God’s Spirit will convict in specifics, Satan condemns in generalities”.
  7. Closing Challenge: To make a personal comeback.