DATE: 03/16/2014 

TEXT:  Luke 15:1-32; Proverbs 21:20; 1 Timothy 2:3-4Ezekiel 18:23  

What should I know and do?

KNOW: If you are not a Christian: God wants you to come home.  If you are a Christian: God wants you to have His heart for a lost world.  

                                                    DO: Fill a seat and come home.         


  1. Have you ever lost track of a pet? Your wallet? A child? …..How did you feel?
  2. Read Luke 15:1-2.  What was it about the “sinners” that made the Pharisees ostracized them?  Are there “sinners” in your life that you ostracize?
  3. Read Luke 15:3-32. In reading The Parable of the Lost Sheep; The Parable of the Lost Coin; and The Parable of the Lost Son, what was Jesus trying to teach the Pharisees?
  4. If you have run from God, what made you come home?
  5. Read Luke 15:20.   What does the father show when his son comes home?
  6. Read Luke 15:25-28.
  7. Who failed to join the celebration that the “lost was found”?
    • Read Luke 15:2.  Compare the older son to the Pharisees.
      • Are both religious?  Are both hypocritical? Do they understand sin?
      • Does the son love his father?   Do the Pharisees love God?

Closing:   Thinking back on the parable of the lost son, do you relate to one or both of the brothers?  What can you do to have the heart of the father and God’s heart for a lost world?

We are encouraging everyone to read through the Book of Luke.  The reading schedule may be found HERE.

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