DATE: 03/23/2014 

TEXT:  Luke 18:1-8Hebrews 4:16  

 What should I know and do?

KNOW: God wants us to persist in prayer and answers the prayers of those who persist.  

                                                    DO: Use ACTS to begin to pray every day to God.         


1. Today we have instant messenger, instant video, instant music, instant shopping, instant . . . everything.

  • Discuss the positives and negatives of today’s desire for “instant personal gratification”.

2. How often do you pray?

  • What keeps you from praying more often?

3. Read Luke 18:1-8.  How are we different from the widow?  How is God different from the judge?

4. What was the point of Jesus parable?

  • Does God get tired of you praying?  Why or why not? Read Psalm 62:8.
  • Jesus healed lepers and raised the dead with His words or a touch of His hand, so he obviously can perform instant results.  What are some reasons why God may not answer a prayer instantly or seem to not answer at all? Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, James 4:3, and Romans 12:2.
  • Why is it important to keep praying to God? Read 1 Peter 5:7.

5. Discuss ACTS – (A-adoration, C-confession, T-thanksgiving, S-supplication).

  • Which of these areas of prayer do you find yourself focusing on?
  • Which of these areas of prayer do you find yourself avoiding or forgetting?

Closing:   Evaluate your prayer life.  Are you praying to God every day?  Do you use ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication)?  If not, adjust and do it today!

We are on week 11 for our Bible reading through Luke. If you haven’t even started, you can catch up–just read through Luke like you would a good book!  The reading schedule may be found HERE.

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