DATE: 04/27/2014

TEXT: Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 3:13-17Matthew 10:32-33

What should I know and do?

Know: The history of baptism and why it’s important to be baptized since becoming a Christian.

Do: Be baptized.


  1. Share something about yourself with the group that they probably don’t know about you.
  2. What parts of your Christian life do you keep private? And who do you keep it private from?
  3. The following are some examples of baptisms recorded in Acts. Read them together and determine who was baptized and whether they were baptized before or after they believed.
  4. Troy discussed infant baptism. In Acts 16:29-34 it references that the whole household was baptized, possibly implying that children were included. Reread verse 34. What does this verse say that suggests infants weren’t included in this “household” group?
  5. Read Mark 16:16. The first part of the verse implies that “being saved” is dependent on both the believing and the baptizing of the individual. Why do we know this is not true? (Ephesians 2:8-9
  6. For an example of someone being saved without being baptized read and discuss Luke 23:32-43.
  7. Hearing the testimonies of the people being baptized is encouraging to our church family. Share specific testimonies that were especially inspirational to you (It can even be your own testimony.). 

In closing: If you are a believer and you haven’t been baptized, why haven’t you; explain it to your small group.