Facing Life’s Transitions

Facing Life’s Transitions

SERMON:  07/12/2015


TEXT: Joshua 1:1-9



  1. Troy listed many of life’s transitions. Describe a transition that you have gone through recently in your life.
  2. Read Joshua 1:1-6.  Put yourself in the place of Joshua.  What emotions would you be feeling?
  3. “I will be with you.”  God’s promise to Joshua as he was about to lead the people into a very difficult time.
    1. What did those words mean to Joshua?
    2. What do they mean to you as you face difficulty?
  4. When you are facing life’s transitions, how does God demonstrate that He is with you?
  5. Read Joshua 1:7-8.  Why did God want Joshua and the people to meditate on His word?
  6. The daily Bible readings for last week took us through Psalm 119.  Share any insights from your reading.  Read and discuss these verses: Psalm 119:9-11 and Psalm 119:104-105.
  7. Joshua 1:9 is a verse that is quoted often.  Read Joshua 1:9. What does this verse mean to you now after studying verses 1-8.

Check out this week’s: Histo-RAY Commentary by Ray Moore:  Joshua 1:1-12

Daily Bible Readings for the week of 7/12/2015:

Day 1: Joshua 1:1-9

Day 2: Joshua 1:10-16

Day 3: Hebrews 10:32-39

Day 4: Proverbs 3:1-8

Day 5: Joshua 2:1-7

Day 6: Joshua 2:8-16

Day 7: Joshua 2:17-24