Life at Flood Stage

Life at Flood Stage



TEXT: Joshua 3:1-17


  1. Have you ever been caught in a raging river either by choice (white water rafting) or by accident (flooding)? How did it make you feel?
  2. Put yourself in the place of the Israelites. What emotions are you feeling as you are about to cross over the Jordan to the promise land?
  3. Read Joshua 3:1-17. What did the Ark of the Covenant represent? Why do you think God wanted it moved to the middle of the river before the people crossed?
  4. Discuss the following Christian learning points from the passage:
    • Why we need to leave our comfort zones.
    • How we know which way God wants us to go.
    • What amazing things God provides when we trust and are obedient to Him.
    • How to keep our focus and faithfulness to God and continue His purpose.
    • Why God is pleased when we place our faith in Him.
  5. Describe the emotions of each of the following people after the Jordan river was parted and the Israelites crossed over to the dry land: the Canaanites and other people living in the land?; the Israelites?; Rahab?; God?
  6. Troy mentioned 2 rivers that need crossing. What river do you need to cross?   What action step will you take this week to cross that river?

Check out this week’s Histo-RAY commentary by Ray Moore – Joshua Chapter 3.

Daily Bible Readings for the week of 7/26/2015:

Day 1: Joshua 7:1-26

Day 2: Joshua 8:1-29

Day 3: Joshua 8:30-35

Day 4: Joshua 9:1-27

Day 5: Joshua 10:1-15

Day 6: Joshua 10:16-28

Day 7: Joshua 10:29-43