Handling Conflicts Within the Camp

Handling Conflicts Within the Camp

SERMON DATE: August 16, 2015

TEXT: Joshua 22:1-34; Numbers 25:1-9



  1. When was the last time you found yourself in a serious conflict? Describe what it was about.
  2. How do you resolve conflict when you encounter it in your life?
    • Read Proverbs 18:13 in a few versions-including the NLT and NASB.
    • Discuss why it is important to view the situation from the other person’s perspective.
    • Do you consider (and pray about) how Jesus would have you resolve the conflict?
  3. In your opinion, how do most people that you know seek to settle or reconcile the conflicts that they face?
  4. Think about your own life and what Jesus has done for you on the cross.  How did His death resolve the conflict that sin had planted in your life?
  5. Read Joshua 22:10-29. Discuss how the western tribes of Israel sought to resolve potential conflict with the eastern tribes.
    • What did they do that was so effective?
    • Could they have done more to resolve or prevented the conflict between them?
  6. How can you seek to resolve conflicts that you are facing in your life right now?

Great study helps in this week’s Hist-Ray:  Histo-Ray Joshua 22 – Commentary by Ray Moore

Daily Bible Readings for the week of 8/16/2015:

Day 1: Joshua 19:1-51

Day 2: Joshua 20:1-9

Day 3: Joshua 21:1-44

Day 4: Joshua 22:1-24

Day 5: Joshua 23:1-16

Day 6: Joshua 24:1-33

Day 7: 2 Peter 3:1-13