White Elephant, Murder Mystery Game and other games

White Elephant, Murder Mystery Game and other games


Looking for a fun game for your small group to play?  Chuck and Pat Hawkins gathered their group to play a Murder Mystery game and had a fabulous time (Let me know if you’d like to borrow it-it does take 4 hours or mor).  Games are a great way to help people relax and get to know one another.  Someone who may be reserved about sharing during discussion time may find game night a time to open up.

Doing something different with your group will develop relationships and create opportunities to build community :)


White Elephant Gift Exchange

This is a great way to exchange gifts without any cost!

Everyone brings a wrapped (used gift bag or paper is a must!!) gift.  They must find their gift in their homes (no purchasing required!).  The gift must be something that they no longer use/need but something they think someone else may want.  This is a great opportunity to “regift” something you have never used, but the item does not have to be new–just usable :)

All the gifts are put in the middle of the room.  Depending on the number of people have a dish (or two if over 8 people) with 2 dice in it.

The host starts the dice rolling.  If a person gets doubles, the rolling stops.  The person picks a gift from the middle of the room and opens it.   When the next and subsequent people get doubles, the rolling stops.  They have the option of getting a new gift or “stealing” the gift from someone who has already opened one.  This continues until everyone has a gift.

Once all the gifts are opened you go around the circle 3 more times (more if you want to keep things going) trading gifts for the one you really want.  It’s fun to see what gift everyone goes after!

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