21-Days of Prayer

God could change your life in 21 days. This is why we set aside 21 days every January to intentionally seek God in prayer and believe in Him to move in powerful ways.

What is 21-Days of Prayer?

Each morning we gather for a one-hour prayer experience including worship, personal prayer and corporate prayer. Even more, it's life-changing! Check out a few stories from those who have experienced it and share your own.

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Prayer is our first response, not our last resort. Here are some downloadable resources to help. Send us your prayer requests as well and join us online if you can't join us in person.

Prayer Guides

Use these resources as models of how the Word of God provides us with tools to develop or kick-start our prayer life.


You may wish to add fasting to your prayer routine during this time. Be sure to check out the Guide to Prayer and Fasting if you do.

Prayer is how we talk with God.

It is through prayer and study of God's Word (the Bible) that we can connect and build our relationship with God.

Jesus' disciples asked Him how to pray. He gave them a model in Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. A similar model is to use the acronym PRAY.

We like to say that if you can remember the word "PRAY" you can learn to pray.


  • Begin by praising God for who He is. Acknowledge Him for attribute of His character. Begin with thanksgiving.


  • This is confessing sin (anything in your life that displeases God), asking for forgiveness and turning away from it.


  • Take time to ask God to bless and provide. You can ask for things for yourself or for others or for anything on your heart.


  • Yielding is saying "Yes" to God. You can pray that you don't yield to temptation and ask God's Spirit to lead you.

How Can We Pray For You?

Ask a Prayer Team Member

The Generations Church Prayer Team is identified by the Need Prayer? lanyard. Ask a Prayer Team member to pray with you before or after each service.

Share Your Prayer Request with Us Online

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