We like to keep it simple. We focus our energy on environments that help you take your next step with God.

1. Worship

We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people. Our Sunday services are our front door to the community, so we do our best to craft our messages and music to meet you where you are. Based on the unchanging Word of God, our messages will challenge the way you live and inspire people from every walk of life to take their next step with God.

2. Family Ministry

The next Generation will soon be shaping the world we live in. But long before then, they can be shaped by their families and by God. It's vital that families and churches partner together give children a taste of God's wonder and help them develop a thirst to know and trust Jesus Christ. From Preschool to High School and beyond, let's guide their steps together.

3. Small Groups

We believe life-change happens in circles, not rows. So while the Sunday message can inspire faith - small groups can ignite it. Bible based conversations during the week with 8-12 trusted friends will move your faith forward one step at a time. We primarily offer ongoing sermon-based small groups, but short-term topical groups are available as well.

4. Missions

Missions put faith into action. Helping others allows us to step beyond our comfort zone and learn more about our God-given gifts and abilities while serving in Jesus' name. Reaching out to others is usually an uncomfortable step to take, but it often comes with unexpected rewards. We are committed to local and international missions.