7 Words to Change Your Life: Sorry 13 Jun 21

(Message 3) Few words in the English language go further to repair damage and heal hurts than the word “sorry”.  The word is often misused or abused, however. Join us as we look at what it means to be and say sorry as we continue in our series, 7 Words to Change Your life: Sorry. #GC7Words

Your relational success is dependent on your ability to give and receive forgiveness.


5 Action Steps of a Sincere Apology: “SORRY”
  • S – SEE the Problem
  • O – OWN it
  • R – REVEAL it
  • R – RECEIVE forgiveness
  • Y – YIELD the fruit


General SG Questions 6/13/21

  • Read 2 Samuel 12:1-7a, Psalm 139:23-24, Psalm 51:1-4, Psalm 19:12, Psalm 38:18, Psalm 51:9-10, 1 John 1:9, Psalm 32:1-3, 5, and James 4:6-10. As you reflect on these verses, what stands out the most to you? Why? 
  • What was the most impactful thing about the message this past Sunday? 
  • As you reflect on the message, what one principle or insight stands out as being particularly
    • helpful?
    • insightful?
    • difficult to grasp?
    • challenging?
  • What do the passages and the message teach you about God? What do they teach you about yourself?
  • How could the next week be different if you incorporated these truths into your life?


Clay Weed

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