Achilles – It’s Not About Me

(Message 2) Join us for an online-only message, “Achilles – It’s Not About Me”, as we continue our series on pride. An “Achilles’ heel” refers to a small, destructive weakness, especially in someone who is otherwise strong. In this message, we will look at the destructive nature of me-centered thinking and the rewards of humility. #GCAchilles

GC Core Value:
It’s not about me…​ it’s about those who aren’t even here yet.​

Pride says,​ “It’s all about me.”​

​Humility says,​ “It’s not about me.”​


If you choose Pride…​

  1. You’ll fit in with most people.​
  2. You’re just like those whom Jesus rebuked.​
  3. Your character will be tainted.​ (Video: (2010) Tiger Woods Apologizes)
  4. You’re missing out.​


Choose humility over pride​.


Clay Weed

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