Achilles – The Pride of Status

(Message 1) Join us for an online-only message as we begin our “Achilles” series. An “Achilles’ heel” refers to a small, destructive weakness, especially in someone who is otherwise strong. Today we will look at status in our message, “Achilles – The Pride of Status”. You won’t want to miss it! #GCAchilles

Our pride triggers God to oppose us. Our humility invites God to bless us.


We fear losing status.


Pursuing Humility:

  • Surrender your life to the lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Learn to recognize the ugly monster of pride


Red flags of pride for Troy:

  • When I’m not listening to correction
  • When I start bragging about what I have or what I’ve accomplished
  • When I interrupt people
  • When I’m just getting through conversations and not looking people in the eyes taking time to hear them
  • When I’m not praying and asking God for help
  • When I’m worrying about things not getting done
  • When I’m angry at not getting my way



Troy Knight

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