Antenna: Listen-Up 29 Aug 21

(Message 4) “Will you be quiet and just listen to me?!” How many times have you said, or wanted to say, this? We have a tendency to put God in this position. We’ve somehow missed that prayer is not meant to be a one-sided conversation. Pray meant to be a personal, ongoing, two-way conversation with God. Join us as we learn how to listen in our series conclusion, “Antenna: Listen Up”. #GCAntenna



How to Revamp your Prayer Life:

  1. Be Intentional & Specific
  2. Be Persistent
  3. Be Expectant



God Answers Prayers Three Ways:

  1. No
  2. Yes, though you may have to wait
  3. I have something better

God answers the prayers that are within His will to accomplish:

  • Expose any sin in my life
  • Help me be more like Jesus
  • Show me how to be a better spouse
  • Show me how to be a better parent
  • Save me from sins, and be my Lord and Savior



The most PERSONAL way to connect with God is through prayer.

Our prayers should be SIMPLE and SINCERE.

How to Pray like Jesus:

  1. DECLARE who God is
  2. SURRENDER to God
  3. ASK God

Life-changing prayer begins in PRIVATE.



God doesn’t have a hearing problem; we have a listening problem.

How to Hear God’s Voice:

  • Withdraw
  • Focus
  • Praise
  • Ask
  • Shut-Up & Listen



Clay Weed

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