Antenna: Praying Like Jesus 22 Aug 21

(Message 3) What are we supposed to pray? Do I need to pray a special prayer before bed, or when I get up, or should I pray the Lord’s prayer every day? It’s important to realize that Jesus modeled how to pray, not what to pray. Join us as we clarify what that means in our message, “Antenna: Praying Like Jesus”. #GCAntenna

The most PERSONAL way to hear God’s will is PRAYER.


Prayer is also the most MISUNDERSTOOD way to hear God’s will.


Life-changing prayer begins in PRIVATE.


Our prayers should be SIMPLE and SINCERE.


Assuming that prayer is asking God for what we want or need.


Jesus didn’t tell us what to pray; He taught us how to pray.


How to Pray like Jesus:

  1. DECLARE who God is
  2. SURRENDER to God
  3. ASK God


Clay Weed

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