Antenna: The Prayer Formula 15 Aug 21

(Message 2) Is there a prayer formula or a magic word we can use to make sure God answers our prayer? How can we be sure God answers our prayers? Join us for solid answers in our message, “Antenna: The Prayer Formula”. #GCAntenna

God’s 3 Responses to Prayer:

  1. No
  2. Yes, but you may have to wait
  3. I have something better


This is my struggle:

  • Why the difference?
  • What hope do I have?
  • The Bible must contain a formula…

Your prayers might be answered…

  • Ask
  • Ask with good intentions
  • Ask in Jesus’ name
  • Ask with faith
  • Ask others to ask, too

What am I missing?

  • God’s Will


God answers the prayers that are within His will to accomplish…

Solomon’s Prayer:

  • God’s promise applied to him.
  • God keeps His promises.
  • “I want to help your will be done.”

Joseph’s Prayer:

  • Famine hit all Mesopotamia.
  • Joseph used his position to benefit his family.
  • Without Israel, the rest of the Bible doesn’t happen!

Paul’s Prayer:

  • Without that thorn, Paul would have become proud.
  • He would have proclaimed another gospel.

Jesus’s Prayer:

  • Jesus’s death is the only way we can be saved!


God’s 3 Responses to Prayer:

  1. No, that is not my will
  2. Yes, it is my will to do that (in time)
  3.  My will on this is better than yours – trust me


Five prayers that are always in God’s will to accomplish:

  1. Show me if there is any sin in my life that I’m trying to cover up.
  2. I want to be more like Jesus. Will you help me?
    • The Personality of Jesus:
      • Love
      • Joy
      • Peace
      • Patience
      • Kindness
      • Goodness
      • Faithfulness
      • Gentleness
      • Self-control
  3. Show me how I can be a better spouse.
  4. Show me how I can be a better parent.
  5. Save me from my sins, and be my Lord and Savior!


Jeff Lindholm

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