Blind Faith – Follow The Evidence

(Message 2) Where does the evidence lead? In a court of law the amount and weight of the evidence ultimately decides the verdict. When we look around at creation, science is very helpful in furnishing evidence for design. In this message we look at a few examples that scream “design” and give reasons to follow the evidence and render a verdict in favor of a Designer. #GCBlindFaith

Our Mission:

Reaching people far from God and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ, one step at a time.


Follow the Evidence:

  1. The evidence of creation*
  2. The evidence of our soul
  3. The evidence of our conscience
  4. The evidence of history


“If you’ve seen me you’ve seen God.” – Jesus Christ


*Do you want to hear more about the evidence for intelligent design? Check out the YouTube page, Discovery Science. This easy to understand video is a great start and addresses the Primordial Soup theory: The Basic Building Blocks & the Origin of Life.


Troy Knight

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