Conviction 03 Dec 17

(Message 5) What we do in secret, God will expose. David neglected some of his key duties as King and placed himself in a situation of spiritual isolation and sin. But a man of God stepped in to help him correct his course. We must surround ourselves with other followers of Christ and avoid isolation at all costs.

  • What we do in secret, God will expose


David repents in Psalm 51 with:

  • open hands
  • a contrite heart
  • submission to God’s will


  1. Moral failure, isolation, and a life of sin are not inevitable
  2. As Christians, we are not called to live in isolation
  3. We grow the most in our relationship with God when we are immersed in the body of Christ (connected with other believers and serving Christ in a local church)


  1. Over the holidays, what are those tasty little morsels that you just can’t stop nibbling?
  2. What is it you do/think when no one is looking? Have you created a DMZ (spiritual no-man’s land) to isolate yourself as a way to avoid/ignore spiritual battles?
  3. Share and discuss the things, people, and/or situations that push you to isolate yourself in your spiritual DMZ?  Does that have an impact on the way you live your day-to-day life? Why or why not?
  4. How do you rationalize/justify living in your DMZ–pushing God away?
  5. As Christians, we are in a constant battle “against the schemes of the devil.” Read Ephesians 6:11.  David understood the importance of armor on the battlefield. Read Ephesians 6:12. What are we up against?  
  6. Read Ephesians 6:13-20. What element of faith does each piece of armor represent and define how it protects you spiritually. What other Scriptures can you apply to each element?
    1. Belt __________________
    2. Breastplate ___________________
    3. Footwear ____________________
    4. Shield ____________________
    5. Helmet __________________
    6. Sword ____________________
    7. Verse 18 discusses an additional element apart from a “suit of armor” ____________.
  7. When David went into battle, he was surrounded by other soldiers. Who are your spiritual soldiers? Write their initials here:  _______________________  
  8. What part does accountability play in your battle plans? How could/does accountability affect the outcome of your spiritual battles? Read and discuss Proverbs 27:17.
  9. What steps will you take this week to keep yourself out of your DMZ?

Here’s the link to a great

What does the Bible say on the importance of accountability?

Daily Scripture Readings:

Day 1:  Isaiah 59:1-8

Day 2:  Isaiah 59:9-15a

Day 3:  Isaiah 59:15b-21

Day 4: Psalm 51:7-9

Day 5: Psalm 51:10-12

Day 6:  Hebrews 10:24-25

Day 7:  Ephesians 6:10-20


Troy Knight

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