Cornerstone – God’s Love

(Message 5) How much does God love you? Do you know what He’s done to show His love for you? Join us as we look at God’s love for us, why prayer is such an incredible privilege, and what this all means for our lives today and for eternity. #GCCornerstone

God’s Love:

Width – encompasses all mankind

Length – will last for eternity

Height – exalts sinners to heaven

Depth – reaches the most lowly sinner


The closer you are to Christ, the more you will become like Him.


When we understand God’s amazing love for us, we should never be hesitant to worship Him!


Our Response:

  1. Join the family (Plant)
  2. Be a person of prayer (Posture)
  3. Stay ready for God’s work in you (Prepare)
  4. Give God the honor He deserves (Praise)


Clay Weed

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