Divine Input For the Day-to-Day 01 Oct 17

(Message 4) God communicates with us in our normal everyday lives, not just during times of major life decisions. Join us as we look at three types of whispers God from God.

3 Divine Whispers:

  1. Whisper of Action
  2. Whisper of Admonition
  3. Whisper of Assurance
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  1. Has God whispered anything to you over the last few weeks?  What action have you taken?
  2. View the Power of a Whisper Video Session 2 “Divine Input for the Day-to-Day”
  3. As you watched the people in the video explain the divine whispers they have received along the way, which story or stories resonated with you the most on a personal level, and why?
  4. Read Psalm 143:8. Let’s talk about the daily routine of our lives.  Consider your daily routines over the past week. What did your days have in store for you? Where did you go and with whom did you interact? List some brief details below:
    • Places I went…
    • Decisions I made…
    • Challenges I faced…
    • Thoughts I entertained…
  5. In regard to the answers above, were you prayerful about them, were you listening to God’s prompting, and if not, would you have done something different?
  6. John 14:26. God provides corrective or admonishing whispers to his children. Troy challenged us with the question, “Is there a sin that God has been whispering to you about?”  Has God been saying or has He said any of the following to you:
    • “Stop!”
    • “Go!”
    • “Wait”
    • “Ask”
    • “Keep asking”
    • “Enough!”
    • “Forgive”
    • “Persevere”
    • “Be patient”
    • “Choose love anyway”
    • “Trust me”
    • “Believe what you know of me to be true”
  7. Why do you suppose God often whispers corrective admonishments to us rather than simply intervening in the course of our lives?
  8. Share an example of a corrective, admonishing whisper you’ve received, accepted/obeyed, and are glad that you did. 
  9. Share an example of a corrective, admonishing whisper you’ve received, you ignored, and you regret that you did.
  10. God provides assurance to his people.  The Bible has many records of Him providing his assurance in the Old Testament.  From the scriptures below, read the verses and write the role God played for His people in the circumstance:
    • Gen 22:14
    • Lev 20:7-8
    • Judges 6:24
    • Psalm 23:1
    • Jeremiah 23:6
  11. From the list of “roles” above, which does God fill in your life?
  12. Think of other specific “roles” God plays in your life.  Share an example that has been most meaningful.

Daily Scripture Reading:

Day  1 Genesis 22:3-19

Day 2 Ephesians 1:3-13, Isaiah 40:11

Day 3 1 Peter 1:13-16, Psalms 78:52-53

Day 4 Judges 6:3-23, Judges 6:34-40

Day 5 Matt 1:20-25

Day 6 1 Cor 1:26-31

Day 7 Psalms 5:8, Psalms 36:1, Mark 4:23-24

Extra discussion question:

What is the difference between condemnation and conviction? Read and discuss the following verses and quotes:  

  • Romans 8:1
  • John 3:17
  • “If you’ve ever felt guilty but you couldn’t point to anything specific, or if you’ve ever had a feeling of worthlessness, that is condemnation from Satan.” Rick Warren*
  • “Satan condemns us accusingly, to make us feel guilty. God convicts us lovingly, to lead our hearts to repentance.” Renee Swope

*Full article:

How To Recognize God’s Voice – The Sixth Test  by RICK WARREN — MAY 21, 2014



Troy Knight