Excuses 01 Dec 19

(Message 2) “It’s not my fault… the dog ate my homework… traffic was bad.” We all have our excuses for not living up to expectations or the commitments we’ve made. Excuses may allow us to shirk our responsibilities for a time. However, they can also rob us of the incredible plans God has for us. This almost happened to Moses, don’t let it happen to you. #GCDarkHorses

Dark Horse:

A little known person, unlikely to succeed, who ultimately accomplishes great things.


Moses’ 5 Excuses (the first 2):

Excuse #1: Who am I?
God’s answer: I am with you.

Excuse #2: Who are you?
God’s answer: I Am.


Take Away:

  1. Look at God.
  2. No more excuses.

The small group ministry is technically on break for the holidays.  Some groups will continue to meet and some of you may be interested in discussing the sermon with friends and family.

We have created a How to Discuss Any Sermon question sheet to help guide your discussion.

A full set of discussion questions will be available again in the new year!


Troy Knight

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