From a Little to a Latte 29 Nov 20

(Message 3) Rags to riches, poorhouse to penthouse… a little to a latte. Joseph found himself stuck in prison accused of something he did not do. He had nothing. Yet, he continued to rely on God and use God’s gifting in his life to impact others. In his faithfulness, God moved Joseph to an even greater area of influence. Join us as we continue the story. #GCHotCupOfJoe

Don’t ever get so consumed with your own situations that you neglect others God has placed in your path.


There is a big difference in seeing and doing.


God gives you gifts for His glory… not yours.


God wants to use you, regardless of your situation.


Your timing is often not God’s timing. God is still at work whether you see it or not.


  • Humility precedes Honor
  • Faithfulness precedes Fruitfulness


Clay Weed

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