From Groaning to Glory 09 Apr 17

We all struggle, but we don’t have to suffer alone. God wants to walk alongside us and bring hope and purpose.

Opening Video: A Symphony of Tennis Grunts

2 Key Points:

  1. We bring about the sorrow and suffering experienced by all creation.
  2. The Holy Spirit encourages and brings the hope of what is to come.
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  1. Can you recall a time in which you or someone you love suffered so greatly that you believed it was too great for even God to overcome? What does Paul say about our present sufferings?
  2. Read James 1:2-4. How does James’ writing compare with Paul’s words in Romans 8:18?
  3. As a Christian, describe your hope and faith in God; what does your future look like? Have you been changed and removed from the grip of sin? Discuss this with your small group.
  4. Read Romans 8:22-23. To what is Paul referring as he writes about a groaning creation and the inward groaning of those having “firstfruits of the Spirit”?
  5. Do you ever hope for more of what you already have? Explain. What do you hope for that you’re unable to see?
  6. Read Romans 8:26-27. As a follower of Jesus Christ, who is taking over for you at the weakest points in your life? How does it make you feel to know that you do not always need to have the words to speak with God?
  7. Read Romans 8:28. What does it mean to be called by God? Share a time when you were able to look back and see how God worked things together for good.
  8. Read Romans 8:29. Have you been conformed to the image of God’s son? Why or why not?


Shawn Haws

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