God’s Calling

(Message 4) Have you ever played the board game called, Clue? The first person to solve the murder mystery and reveal the details wins. In this message, we look at an ancient mystery that was revealed regarding Jesus and all who call on Him as Lord.  #GCCornerstone

Two of our values as a church:

“We don’t pick and choose… it’s about Biblical authority.”

“It’s not about me… it’s about those who aren’t even here yet.”


Christ is the CORNERSTONE of our faith and His family, the Church.


English = mystery
(secret and hidden)

Greek = mystērion
(secret but open)


The Mystery is made known through Jesus!

  •   Jesus is the Source of the Mystery
  •   Jesus is the Substance of the Mystery
    •   Fellow Heirs
    •   Fellow Members
    •   Fellow Partakers


Paul’s Calling:

  1. Telling the mystery
    • euangelízō – to announce good news
  2. Explaining the mystery
    • phōtízō – to enlighten


Our Calling:

  1. Telling the mystery
  2. Explaining the mystery
  3. Displaying the mystery


Everything in this world will cease to exist, but the Church will live on forever!


Our Call to Action:

  1. Don’t take Christ lightly… Commit
  2. Don’t take church lightly… Engage
  3. Don’t take God’s Word lightly… Share


Clay Weed

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