Grounds In My Coffee 22 Nov 20

(Message 2) Having grounds in your coffee is a bit like having regrets in life. You can live with grounds in your coffee, and you can live with regrets, but life (and coffee) is better without them. So how do we live without regrets? The best solution is to live in a way that helps us avoid more of them. Join us for our second message on the life of Joseph. #GCHotCupOfJoe

Joseph’s Response to Temptation:

  1. Avoidance: “he kept out of her way as much as possible”
  2. He loved God: “it would be a great sin against God.”
  • God’s presence and trials are not mutually exclusive
  • God’s presence and temptations are not mutually exclusive


Enjoying the Presence and Blessings of God:

  • Two “gods” to avoid:
    1. eBay god
    2. Moralistic therapeutic god
  • Pursue a relationship with Him


Troy Knight

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