Hearing God’s Whisper

(Message 2) Our lives are busy and noisy. We barely have time to communicate with each other, let alone God. But God usually speaks in the quiet and is waiting for us to listen.

  • God is a communicating Father.
  • God’s preferred method of communication is a whisper.

Video: Bill Hybels, 2nd Grade


  1. What or who motivated your first career choice?
  2. Troy mentioned 3 common factors that lead people’s lives: other people’s expectations, the deep-seated need to acquire more wealth, and life on autopilot.  Which of these factors primarily have led your life in the past?  Share an example. Is there something or someone else who leads your life?
  3. Watch the video – session 3 “Practice, Practice, Practice.”
  4. In the video, Bill Hybels talked about establishing a place where he could experience an enjoyable, repeatable meeting with God – his “chair time.” What could or does your “chair time” look like? Troy shared his best time of day was in the morning with a cup of coffee. When is the best time of day for you to sit quietly with God?
  5. Discuss these 2 statements:  God tends to speak to people who actually want to hear from Him.  God doesn’t have a communication problem, we have a listening problem. Your “chair time” or “quiet time” should consist of bible reading, praying, and listening. How much time do you really spend listening vs. reading and praying?
    • Read Psalm 1:2. Meditation: The ability to hear God’s voice and obey his Word.  
    • Check out “What is a quiet time?” for more discussion.
  6. Read Matthew 14:23 (If time, read Mark 6:34-46). Even Jesus found a quiet place for a “chair time” with His Father, regardless of His (Jesus’) circumstances. Do you find yourself saying, “I’m too busy!”?  Compare your “busy” life with Jesus.
  7. Read Psalm 139:23-24. Share a time when God used a whisper to address something in your character that needed some tweaking. Did you listen and make the character adjustments?
  8. How many minutes can you commit each day to “listen” (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes)?  Discuss How you can arrange your life this week so that you can hear the whisper of God?
  9. Read and meditate on Psalm 42:2. 

Weekly Scripture Readings:

Day 1:  Psalm 139:1-6

Day 2: Psalm 139:7-12

Day 3:  Psalm 139:13-16

Day 4: Psalm 139:17-22

Day 5: Psalm 139:23-24

Day 6: Psalm 42:1-4

Day 7: Psalm 1:1-4

I wanted to share a song that God has used the lyrics to minister to me more often than I care to admit.  Times when I get too busy for HIM!

Praying for you all, Cindy Bliss, Small Group Director at GC

I Miss My Time with You by Larnelle Harris

There He was just waiting
In our old familiar place
An empty spot beside Him
Where once I used to wait
To be filled with strength and wisdom
For the battles of the day
I would have passed Him by again
If I didn’t hear Him say

I miss my time with you
Those moments together
I need to be with you each day
And it hurts Me when you say
You’re too busy
Busy trying to serve Me
But how can you serve Me
When your spirits empty
There’s a longing in My heart
Wanting more than just a part of you
It’s true, I miss My time with you

What will I have to offer
How can I truly care
My efforts have no meaning
When Your presence isn’t there
But You’ll provide the power
If I take time to pray
I’ll stay right here beside You
And You’ll never have to say



Troy Knight

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