Honor | Part 1 | Do We Still Obey The 10 Commandments? 07 Jan

Do the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament apply to us today? Now that we have the New Testament, do we have to follow the big 10 or are they just… 10 suggestions? What does Jesus say about them and how should they impact our lives and faith? Join us and find out! #GCHonor

#4 – Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy:

  • “Honoring God With Our Bodies”
    • Rest
    • Health
    • Alcohol & Drugs


#6 – You must not murder:

  • “Honoring Human Life”
    • Capital Punishment
    • War & Self Defense
    • Abortion


Do We Still Obey The 10 Commandments?


3 [possible] Divisions of the Mosaic Law:

  1. Civil
  2. Ceremonial
  3. Moral


Covenant: An unchangeable, divinely imposed legal agreement between God and man that stipulates the conditions of their relationship.


3 Important Biblical Covenants:

  • Adamic covenant: Genesis 1 – Exodus 19
  • Mosaic covenant: Exodus 20 – John 19 (the death of Jesus)
  • New covenant: John 20 – today


OT/NT Command: “And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.”


Applying it to our lives:

  • All scripture is God-breathed
  • To fully appreciate the old covenant we have to enter the new covenant
  • Join us on this 10 commandment journey


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Troy Knight

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