Honor | Part 12 | #6: War And Self Defense 24 Mar

The 6th Commandment says, “Do not commit murder.” What about war and self-defense? Is there ever a “just” war? What if I take a life when I’m defending myself or my family from violence? Can I defend myself? Join us for the answers! #GCHonor

6th Commandment – Honoring Human Life:

  • Abortion
  • Capital Punishment
  • War & Self Defense


The belief that it is always wrong for Christians to use military force against others, and thus it is wrong for Christians to participate in military combat, even to defend their own nation.


Pacifism, the arguments a Pacifist might make:

  1. War is a violation of the 6th commandment.
  2. Jesus commanded us to turn the other cheek.
  3. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves.
  4. We should depend on diplomacy rather than going to war.


Troy Knight

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