Jealousy 12 Jul 20

(Message 4) We all know what jealousy looks like. Most of us would say we don’t struggle with jealousy, but most of do in some way. Join us as we unpack what jealousy looks like in our lives and how we can conquer it. #GCSmoothCriminals

Jealousy can be defined as being discontent, frustrated, bitter, and unhappy due to someone having something that we do not.



  1. It camouflages itself to be something that only children would struggle with
  2. When not taken seriously, you will lose all of your joy and purpose. It can even cause you to experience bad health and lose your mind
  3. Jealousy causes us to misdiagnose the problem


Who would you secretly like to see fail?


Jealousy is not a PERSON problem, it is a PERSONAL problem.

The HEART of the MATTER is a MATTER of the HEART.


Jealousy’s Favorite Quote: “It’s just not fair!”


Steps to Conquer Jealousy:

  1. Ask
  2. Admit
  3. Affirm

Download Questions

  1. Read, reflect, and discuss each of these passages individually.
    • Proverbs 4:23
    • James 3:14
    • Exodus 20:17
    • James 3:16
    • Proverbs 14:30
    • Proverbs 16:24
  1. As you reflect on these passages as a whole, what stands out the most to you? Why?
  1. As you reflect on the message, what one principle or insight stands out as being particularly
    • helpful?
    • insightful?
    • difficult to grasp?
    • challenging?
  1. What do the passages and the message teach you about God? What do they teach you about yourself?
  1. How could the next week be different if you incorporated these truths into your life?
  1. If time allows, read and discuss this article from “Why is God a Jealous God?”.


Clay Weed

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