Just Do It 06 Nov 16

Following Jesus Christ by faith, changes everything. God means for us to live out our faith by putting Jesus’s words into practice, to “do” what we say we believe. Join us as we learn some practical ways to “just do it”.

Think before you speak!


How we “just do it”:

1.  We seek to help others:

  • Giving to the Dollar Club.
  • Serving at a homeless shelter.
  • Being a mentor or tutor to younger boys and girls.
  • Helping a needy family in your community.
  • Donating for flood relief.
  • Sponsoring a child through World Vision (www.worldvision.org) or Compassion International (www.compassion.com).
  • Support groups like Samaritan’s Purse (www.samaritanspurse.org) or Samara’s Village, which is local (www.samarasvillage.org).

2.  We seek to grow ourselves:

  • Limit the influences that you allow in your life.
  • Expose yourself to those influences that DO grow you:
    • Healthy relationships
    • Accountability
    • Bible study – www.bible.com ; click on “plans”
    • Prayer
    • Regular worship
    • Join a Small Group

TEXT:  James 1:19-27

1.  Go around the room and share your answer to the following:

on a scale of 1-5 how well do you remember things?

1 – I often forget my own name.

2 – I don’t remember much past lunch.

3 – I remember more than I have forgotten.

4 – I remember more than the average person.

5 – An elephant has nothing on me.

2.  What was the most practical advice that anyone has given you? How did it affect the way you thought or acted?

3. Read James 1:19-27. How does this passage practically describe living a Godly life?

  • Reread verses 21 and 25.  If all we do is listen to words of wisdom and advice but don’t act on them, then we are pretty much wasting our time. James calls for us to just do it when it comes to hearing God’s word and acting on it. What are some of the truths of the Bible we should be acting on or just doing it?
  • How do we know when God is telling us to be obedient to Him and just do it?

4.  In order for us to just do it, James tells us to “look after orphans and widows” and “keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Practically speaking, what do those mean – to look outward and inward – and how do we live them out?

  • How do we keep ourselves from being polluted by the world?

5.  According to the passage, what happens to people who do not obey God’s direction?

6.  Based on your discussion, what are some actions you can take this week to improve your inward and outward spirituality?

  • Check out Sterling’s list in the “Notes” section.
  • What can you add to that list?
  • How will you personally “just do it” this week?

Daily Bible Readings for the week of 11/06/2016:

Day 1: James 1:1-4

Day 2: James 1:5-8

Day 3: James 1:9-11

Day 4: James 1:12-18

Day 5: James 1:19-21

Day 6: James 1:22-25

Day 7: James 1:26-27

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