A Long Way Home 17 Dec 17

(Message 2) For many of us, our Christmases don’t often look like an old Folgers commercial where everyone in the family makes it home. Even when this is the case, we can be “home” for Christmas when we remember that Christ is its center.

3 Reactions to the Birth of Christ:

  1. Sleepwalk
  2. Freak out
  3. Worship


Scoville Scale:

  • Sweet pepper: 0
  • Jalapeño: 5,000
  • Serrano: 15,000
  • Lemon Drop: 20,000
  • Habanero: 100,000
  • Ghost Pepper: 1,000,000
  • Moruga Scorpion2,000,000
  • Carolina Reaper: 2,500,000

Small groups are on Christmas break.

Discussion questions will be posted again on January 14th when Small Groups officially kick-off for the new year.  If you’re not part of a small group and you want more info, click HERE for more details!

Here’s something to ponder:

An excerpt from Max Lucado’s “God Came Near-God’s Perfect Gift” via “Just a Moment

Bible Readings for the Week:

Day 1:  Luke 1:1-25

Day 2:  Luke 1:26-38

Day 3:  Luke 1:39-57

Day 4:  Luke 1:58-80

Day 5: Luke 2:1-20

Day 6:  Matthew 1:1-25

Day 7:  Matthew 2:1-23



Troy Knight

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