Loving is Living 04 Jun 17

None of us like debt. In fact, debt can cause a lot of anxiety. In this message we look at a debt God has given us, a debt to love others. Find out what it means to have a debt of love and how to make payments on it.


“my pastor just told me to use Twitter during church” #awesomechurch #bestdressedpreacher

“If love is a debt, we should be loving now”

“Doing nice things for people is not the same as loving them #easystreet”


How do we pay back this debt of love?

  1. Follow Jesus
  2. Live like it’s daytime
  3. Love others urgently
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  1. Go around the room. What do you have planned for the next chapter of your life? (i.e. college, kids, new job, retirement)
  2. Read the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17).  Discuss how each one does or does not fit under the umbrella of “love your neighbor as yourself”?
  3. Read Romans 13:8-10. Why is it so hard to love others as ourselves? Share situations where you found it difficult to love someone.
  4. Read Romans 13:11-14. When is “slumber” a good thing?  When is it a bad thing?
  5. Do you think a simple argument or disagreement should be considered a “deed of darkness”? Why or why not?
  6. What deeds of darkness is God telling you to get rid of?  
  7. Have everyone in the room name one person who needs to know Christ today. Take a moment to pray for each of them and ask God for opportunities to love them as yourself.
  8. Ask yourselves these questions:  What else can I do to love urgently? What needs to change in my life for that to happen?

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