Missing Peace | Part 2 | Help! These People Are Driving Me Crazy! 10 Dec 23

“Help! These people are driving me crazy!” During the holidays we can find ourselves surrounded by family that we don’t get along with. Today’s message gives us some clarity and practical tools we can use to make sure we put love first and find peace this season. #GCMissingPeace

Hurt people… hurt people.


Getting offended is inevitable.
Living offended is a choice.


“Help! These people are driving me crazy!”


“Bless” εχηγεομαι (eulogeo): to speak well of, to wish the best blessings for someone


We’re to bless others, not “bless out” others!


Jesus never called you to be right. He called you to love.


Love is not about winning an argument.
Love is all about protecting the relationship.


How to live at peace with everyone:

  1. Listen to understand, not to respond.
  2. Remember, they’re not perfect either.
  3. Let it go!
  4. Take the lead.

It takes two to reconcile, but it takes one to forgive.


Life is way too short and your calling from God is way too great to live offended by something so small.


Clay Weed

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