Obedience is Better than Sacrifice 08 Jan 17

Sometimes we want to move ahead of God. Other times we want to make a deal with God, I’ll do this for You God – if You’ll do that for me. God doesn’t want our deals, He wants our heart. Join us for this special message.

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2 Principles from Saul’s blunder:

  1. You can’t hide the bleating of the sheep.
  2. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Our sermon based small groups will kick-off again next week, so check back then for questions.   We have also created a Study Guide that includes: a place to take notes during the message, sermon-based small group questions, and a daily devotional.

More info below:

This Sunday, January 15th, we are kicking off the 1st part in our Book of Romans study.  It’s a 5-week (which includes Football Sunday) sermon and sermon-based small group series called the “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”. We have a Bible study guide to enhance our study!

The guide is available for $5 in the lobby throughout the week and on Sunday.  Check out this UTube Tutorial on the guide:



Do I have to be in a small group to a purchase a guide?

NO–they are available to anyone who would like to enhance their study of Romans.

Do you have a version that I can use on my phone?

YES–We have a PDF version available.  Just sign up at the table in the lobby where we are selling the books and we’ll send it to you with instructions on how to download it to your phone.  There’s no cost for this version.

If I’m not currently active in a group, may I join one?

YES–just go to our small groups  page and let us know of your interest:

We’ll give you a call and get you connected to a group!

What if I know someone else who wants to be in a small group.

1st-If you currently in a group, check with your leader to see if there’s room in your group and INVITE THEM!

2nd-If there’s no room in your group, send them to the sign-up counter by guest services on Sunday or direct them to our website, so they can sign up!

Are there groups for 6-12th graders?

YES–they need to attend GC Youth Night, this Wednesday, January 11th, at Generations Church with their parents/guardians and sign up!!  There is a Youth version of the Bible Study Guide made specifically for them!


Troy Knight

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