One Minute After You Die: Hell 19 Sep 21

(Message 3) Hell ya! What the Hell? See you in Hell! Hell has become a curse word or simply part of common phrases in our culture. In this way it’s become trite, especially since so  many don’t believe in Hell. Those who do can’t seem to agree on its nature. Join us for our message, “One Minute After You Die: Hell” as we discuss 4 perspectives on Hell. #GCAfterYouDie

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Eternal Conscious Torment vs Conditional Immortality: A Deeper Dive


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4 Views of Hell:

  1. Purgatory
    • Purgatory: A Bad Idea:
      • It was not taught or believed by Jesus, Paul, or the early church fathers.
      • Inherent in the doctrine is the belief in self-justification.
  2. Christian Universalism
    • The Argument for Christian Universalism:
      • Eternal punishment cannot co-exist with a God of love.
      • The Bible teaches it.
  3. Eternal Conscious Torment (Traditional View)
  4. Conditional Immortality (Annihilationism)


Hell: Eternal Conscious Torment or Temporary Conscious Torment?

Missed the Sunday night extended teaching? View the video here:
Eternal Conscious Torment vs Conditional Immortality: A Deeper Dive



Start reading.

1 Cor 3:13-151

13 But on the judgment day, fire will reveal what kind of work each builder has done. The fire will show if a person’s work has any value.14 If the work survives, that builder will receive a reward.15 But if the work is burned up, the builder will suffer great loss. The builder will be saved, but like someone barely escaping through a wall of flames.

Romans 4:5 

But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners.

1 Timothy 2:3-4

3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. (NIV)

Romans 5:18 -19

18 Yes, Adam’s one sin brings condemnation for everyone, but Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone. 

19 Because one person disobeyed God, many became sinners. But because one other person obeyed God, many will be made righteous.

Romans 11:32 

For God has imprisoned everyone in disobedience so he could have mercy on everyone.

Colossians 1:19 – 20

19 For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, 20 and through him God reconciled everything to himself.  He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.

Mark 9:47 – 48

And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell, 48 where “‘the worms that eat them do not die, and the fire is not quenched.’ (NIV)

Matthew 10:28 

“Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Start talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  • If you asked 10 different people their beliefs about hell, you might get 10 different responses.  Some of the responses might range from, not believing in it, to only the really bad people go there, to it is eternal conscious torment for unbelievers. Why is there so much disparity of belief on the subject of hell?

Start thinking. Ask a question to get your group thinking.

  • Did you grow up believing in the doctrine of purgatory? What is your understanding of purgatory?
  • Troy mentioned 2 reasons why he believes purgatory is not a biblical option. Discuss his reasons. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • Explain the difference between universalism and Christian universalism.  Is Christian universalism an oxymoron?
  • Read Colossians 1:19-20. Christian universalists might cite this Scripture to support their argument. What would you say in response?
  • The traditional view of hell is often called “eternal conscious torment.” Do you believe those 3 words characterize hell? Why or why not?
  • Read Mark 9:47-48. Why does the worm not die? Is that verse teaching that hell is eternal torment for unbelievers?

Start sharing. Choose a question to create openness.

  • Do you agree with this statement by Denny Burk, “This view of God’s judgment (eternal conscious torment) is not a cause for embarrassment for Christians, but will ultimately become a source of joy and praise for the saints as they witness the infinite goodness and justice of God.”
  • What do proponents of Conditional Immortality or Annihilationism believe? 
  • Read Matthew 10:28. What did Jesus mean when he said God can destroy a soul in hell? What does destroy mean in this verse?
  • Discuss the Annihilationist argument that an eternity of torment is not commensurate with a lifetime of sin. 
  • Is anything that was taught in Troy’s sermon causing you to question your current ideas about hell? How and why? On what scriptures are you basing your ideas and questions?

Start doing. Commit to a step and live it out this week.

  • Commit to sharing your faith this week with someone whom you know is unchurched. 

Start praying. Be bold and pray with power.

  • God, we know that our time on this earth is short. Help is to have a burden for the lost who are in our lives. Give us courage to share our faith with others and to live our lives shining Your light a dark world. In Jesus Name – Amen 

Start digging. For further study.


Troy Knight

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