One Minute After You Die 05 Sep 21

(Message 1) What happens after you die? Can we trust what others tell us or put stock in near-death experiences? Who can we rely on to give us the correct story? Join us for our first message in the series, “One Minute After You Die”. #GCAfterYouDie

If you’d like to view the full-length versions of the opening video clips, you can do so here:

  1. Rocket Scientist Changes His Mind About God
  2. COVID-19 caused him to seek after God!
  3. He’s looking for 70 virgins on a bed when he dies.


What happens one minute after you die?

  1. You cease to exist
  2. Your “interesting” opinion
  3. Soul sleep
  4. We are with Jesus or apart from Him awaiting judgment


Highlighted authors/speakers on the resurrection:

Josh McDowell
Lee Strobel
William Craig
Gary Habermas


3 Observations about Paradise:

  1. What happens on earth matters
  2. We will have temporary heavenly bodies
  3. We will be with God and ask Him questions


Troy Knight

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