Overwhelmed: Part 2 25 Jul 21

(Message 2) Do you assume that God doesn’t love you when life gets hard? Have you asked Him to remove difficult circumstances and He just doesn’t seem to listen? Jesus intentionally left some really close friends alone while one of them died. It sounds cruel, but He had a much better plan in mind that they couldn’t see. Join us as we gain some perspective on suffering and unanswered prayer in, “Overwhelmed: Part 2”. #GCOverwhelmed

If it ain’t good, then God ain’t done!


God’s timing is different than our timing.


The Takeaway:

  1. Even when life isn’t great, God is always good!
  2. Overwhelmed is not where God wants us to be… He wants us to have an Overcomer mindset.
  3. Don’t focus on asking God to change your circumstances; ask God to change you through your circumstances.


If it ain’t good, then God ain’t done!


Clay Weed

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