Pre-Decide – Decisions

(Message 1)  It’s a new year, but the same you. So how can this year be different, how can you be different? Many of us live reactive lives instead of being proactive by deciding, pre-deciding, how we will approach life and circumstances. Join us for our first message in this series, “Pre-Decide – Decisions” as we resolve to pre-decide and live our best year yet. #GCPreDecide

21 Days of Prayer: 2 Challenges

  1. Show UP
  2. Give UP


Why do we make poor decisions?

  • Our heart is wicked
  • Decision fatigue
  • Our emotions overrule our wisdom


The way to make better decisions:

  • New Years Resolutions
  • Chinese Fortune Cookie
  • Pre-Decide


When faced with _____ (this situation)

I have pre-decided to _____ (take this action)


Troy Knight

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