A Holy Partnership 19 Mar 17

Spiritual transformation is a process. Join us as explore what the Bible calls “sanctification” and what it means for our personal spiritual growth and transformation.


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2 Enemies of Sanctification:

  1. Passivity
  2. False Salvation
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  1. Have you ever felt like you were going to die? Share your experience with your group.
  2. Read Romans 6:1-4. What does Paul mean when he says in v. 2 that we have “died to sin”.
  3. Read Romans 6:5-10. In v. 5, Paul uses the phrase “united with him” twice to describe our present relationship with Christ. What point is he making in these verses? How is the image of our physical baptism a symbol of what Christ did for us spiritually?
    • The word sanctification means that we are set apart for God and are progressively becoming more like Christ (holy) in our everyday lives.
  4. Read Romans 6:11-14. What part does God play and what part does man play in the work of sanctification?
  5. Based on these verses, what is your (human) role in the work of sanctification? How do we offer the parts of our body to God?
  6. How would your life be different if you applied these verses to the following areas:
    • Your school, job, business, or career.
    • Your money.
    • Your time.
    • Your family.
  7. Read Romans 6:15-23. What are the 2 choices we have (vs. 16-18)?
  8. If we are set free from sin, why do Christians still struggle with it?
  9. Read vs. 23 again. Why is this verse not only a great summation of Romans 6, but also of the whole Bible?


Troy Knight

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