Salt & Light

(Message 2) Jesus tells his followers that they are “salt and light”. That’s a strange thing to say, right? What does it even mean? Join us for a powerful message about the meaning behind this and what a real follower of Jesus looks like. #GCRoadMap

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  • From the Latin word SAL
  • SAL Translated to English is SALT


Words From “SALT”:

  • SALAMI – salted meat
  • SALSA – salted condiment
  • SAUSAGE – salsica, seasoned with salt
  • SALARY – salarium


What Salt Does:

  • Salt Preserves
  • Salt Seasons
  • Salt Stings
  • Salt Heals
  • Salt Causes Thirst


Truths About Light:

  • Light is made up of Energy
  • Light Dispels the Darkness
  • Light Reveals what was Hidden
  • Light Travels in a Straight Line


One of the core values of Generations Church:

It’s not about me… it’s about those who aren’t
even here yet.


Action Steps:

  1. Shake the Salt Shaker
  2. Get my Hands Dirty by Serving
  3. Be a Light
  4. Plug in to my Power Source


Derived from SAL:

“to save”
, “to preserve”


Clay Weed

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