Sam I Am – Sam’s Farewell

(Message 4) Samuel served God with integrity. During his farewell address, he recounted God’s faithfulness, his obedience before God, and the people’s unfaithfulness. His words are a challenge to us to live in obedience before God and follow Him faithfully. Join us for “Sam I Am – Sam’s Farewell”. #GCSamIAm

12 From 1 Samuel 12:

  1. Age should never be an excuse for not serving the Lord
  2. Living a life of integrity is worth it
  3. Only God can rescue you from a life of bondage
  4. God’s faithfulness in the past should resonate with us in the present
  5. When we neglect God, He allows us to go through difficulties that reveal our need for Him
  6. God always responds to a life of repentance
  7. Getting our way might be God’s punishment… not His blessing
  8. The decisions we make today will impact our lives tomorrow
  9. How quickly we forget!
  10. God is patient with you and passionate for you
  11. God’s purpose for you is not based on your position
  12. You are responsible for your response


Clay Weed

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