The Best Is Yet To Come – Seeing God’s Redemptive Plan

(Message 4) In every book of the Bible, the shadows of a greater story can be seen. Join us for our last message in this series in Ruth as we finish one story and glimpse the prelude to the greatest story ever told. #GCTheBestIsYetToCome

פַּלֹנִי peloni: “such and such”


Two Major Laws:

  • Redemption of Inheritance
  • Levirate Marriage


What is Redemption?

  • “To buy back”
  • Every tribe of Israel had a permanent share of the Promised Land (Genesis 17:8, Exodus 32:13)
  • See Leviticus 25:23-34


Who was Mr. What’s-his-face?

  • He was focused solely on himself
  • He was content to let a close family member die on his watch
  • He did not fear God


Taking off Sandals:

  • Matthew 10:14
  • Acts 13:51


What does this mean [for Ruth]?

  • Ruth had no rights or prospects
  • Reviled for her heritage
  • She could not save herself
  • Her future was grief and loneliness
  • Her situation was hopeless
  • Boaz had no obligation to Ruth
  • He still saved her at great expense
  • Ruth experienced true love
  • Ruth inherited heaven on Earth even though she was a Gentile


What does this mean [for us]?

  • We have no rights or prospects
  • Reviled for our sin
  • We cannot save ourselves
  • Our future is grief and loneliness
  • Our situation is hopeless
  • Jesus had no obligation to us
  • He still saves us at great expense
  • We will experience true love
  • We will inherit heaven in Heaven even though we were sinners


God’s plan is to redeem you to live a transformed, fruitful life for His glory.



Jeff Lindholm

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