Seriously, Not Another Excuse 08 Dec 19

(Message 3) “Seriously, not another excuse!” At some point in our lives, we have to step out of our excuses and move forward. Just as God countered Moses’ excuses with His assurance, we need to trust God’s answers for our excuses and trust Him. #GCDarkHorses

Dark Horse:

A little known person, unlikely to succeed, who ultimately accomplishes great things.


Moses’ 5 Excuses:

Excuse #1: Who am I?
God’s answer: I am with you.

Excuse #2: Who are you?
God’s answer: I Am.

Excuse #3: What if they reject me?
God’s answer: I will supply what you need.

Excuse #4:  What if I fail?
God’s answer:  I made your mouth!

Excuse #5:  Someone else can do it better.
God’s answer:  I called you.


2 Wonderful things will happen in your new adventure:

  1. You’ll be teachable
  2. You’ll depend upon the great I AM and not yourself

The small group ministry is technically on break for the holidays.  Some groups will continue to meet and some of you may be interested in discussing the sermon with friends and family.

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Troy Knight

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