Christmas Shepherds 10 Dec 17

(Message 1) Most of us would like to be “home for Christmas”. As we look back on the first Christmas, we notice that no one seeking Jesus was actually home. In this message, we will look at what it means to truly be home for Christmas.

How To Be A Shepherd:

  1. Watch
  2. Work
  3. Abide

Most of our small groups are on a break, but we are providing some questions for personal reflection.  Small groups will kick off in January!

  1. What is the “Next Big Thing” you’re hoping to achieve in life?
  2. Casey said, “Being a shepherd is a state of mind and spirituality. If we want to be more like the shepherds, the first thing we have to do is WATCH.”  
    • What did “keeping watch” mean for the shepherds?  
    • What does “keeping watch” mean for us as believers?  
    • What sort of things do we need to “WATCH” for?  
  3. Read Colossians 3:23-24.  What can you do to be a better WORKer?
  4. Look up different definitions of Abide. How do we ABIDE in God even when our circumstances are difficult?
  5. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is the name of this series. There is a common saying that reads “Home is Where Your Heart Is”.  Where is your heart this Christmas?

Here’s an interesting article about the shepherds: Shepherd’s Status

Daily Bible Reading:

Day 1:  Psalm 91:1-9

Day 2:  John 10:25-30

Day 3:  John 14:23-27

Day 4: John 15:1-8

Day 5:  John 15:9-17

Day 6:  John 15:18-25

Day 7:  John 15:26-27

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