Simple Math 12 Mar 17

Living for God is not complex. Romans chapter five presents two stories, and it’s up to us to decide which story will define our lives. Join us as we look at how to become a part of the story of Jesus.


Something that is passed on (something ascribed or attributed to us.)

  1. Whom do you take after in your personality and temperament, your mom or your dad? How about your looks and build? Do you share any other traits or abilities with one over the other?
  2. Think back to the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. What effect did Adam’s sin have for me? For all of us? (See Genesis 3:1-24 for more details.
  3. Read Romans 5:12-14. The word “imputed” is the word we use to refer to what we have inherited from another. We are all descendants of Adam and, because of that, we have inherited his sin. That being the case, are you responsible for you own sin? Why or why not?
  4. If you could describe how Adam’s sin has affected you in medical terms, what words would you use: Disease? Epidemic? Plague? An infection that attacks the immune system?
  5. According to Romans 5:15-19, what does the death of Jesus Christ impute to those who believe?
  6. The phrase “the gift” is mentioned several times in Romans 5:15-17. What is this gift? Who gives this gift? How is this gift received?
  7. Romans 5:20-21 tells us that where there is much sin, there is just as much grace. How does that make feel? Does that change how you view not only your past sins, but the sins you struggle with today?
  8. How does God’s abundant grace affect how you view others who are not followers of Jesus?

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