The Untold Story (Side B) – Believe

(Message 9) What would you think if someone told you one of your dearest friends had risen from the dead? Apart from visions of that zombie apocalypse movie you saw, you’d either be offended or laugh it off as a joke. Jesus’ resurrection was met with belief and doubt from His closest friends until he showed up. What about you, do you believe? Join us for this inspiring Easter message, “The Untold Story (Side B) – Believe”. #GCTheUntoldStory

If a man does not believe, is he to blame?


2 Reactions to the resurrection of Jesus:

  1. John
    • He saw and believed
  2. Thomas
    • He doubted


Doubting Thomas, reasons we don’t believe:

  • Intellectual
  • Disappointment
  • Sin


Don’t be faithless any longer. Believe!




Troy Knight

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