The Untold Story (Side B) – The Actual Lord’s Prayer

(Message 8) If you’ve grown up in church, you can likely quote what is commonly called, the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer could also be called, the believer’s prayer since Jesus use it to teach His disciples to pray. Today we look at Jesus’ actual prayer for us to the Father. Join us for this inspiring and challenging message, “The Untold Story (Side B) – The Actual Lord’s Prayer”. #GCTheUntoldStory

3 Aspects of the Lord’s Prayer:

  1. Jesus Prays for Himself
  2. Jesus Prays for His Friends
  3. Jesus Prays for You


What Did Jesus Pray For Me?

  • For my protection
  • For me to be set apart
  • For my unity with other believers
  • For me to be with Him


Clay Weed

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