True North – I am the Light of the World

(Message 4) Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” Join us as we unpack this incredible statement and the implications it has for our lives. #GCTrueNorth

The seven “I Am” statements of Jesus:

  1. I Am the Bread of Life
  2. I Am the Light of the World
  3. I Am the Gate for the Sheep
  4. I Am the Good Shepherd
  5. I Am the Resurrection and the Life
  6. I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  7. I Am the True Vine


What did Jesus mean when He said, “I am the Light of the World?”

Feast of Tabernacles (2 key components): Water and Light


Events of the Feast of Tabernacles:

  1. A Procession of Palms
  2. Animal sacrifices
  3. The Priestly pouring of water from the fountain of Siloam onto the altar
    • “With joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.”
  4. Illuminating 4 large menorahs nightly in the temple courts:
    1. It pointed to God’s faithfulness in the past.
    2. It pointed to what God would do in the future.
    3. In between the past deliverance and the future hope, they celebrated God in the present.


How the Light Leads to Life:

  1. It exposes the darkness around us
  2. It exposes the darkness within us


Christ not only brings light; He also brings deliverance from the darkness!


How Does Christ Bring Light and Deliverance?

  1. Through His Word, the Bible
  2. Through His People, the Church
  3. Through Himself, the Light


“I AM WHO I AM” – Ehyeh asher Ehyeh



Start reading.

Key Scripture:

Matthew 5:14–16 (NLT)

14 “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. 15 No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

John 8:12 (NLT)

12 Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

John 3:16–21 (NLT):

16 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. 17 God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him. 

18 “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son. 19 And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. 20 All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. 21 But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.”

Psalm 119:105 (NLT)

1 John 1:5-7 (NLT)

John 1:1-9 (NLT)

Start talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.

  • Jesus said “I am the Light of the world” at the Feast of Tabernacles.  What was the significance of His statement during that specific time?

Start sharing. These questions are to help get your group thinking and to create openness.

  • What was the meaning of the Four menorahs which were lit during the Feast of Tabernacles? Explain how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in the past.  What does His faithfulness in the past mean for your present and your future?
  • Why does most sin take place in darkness?  What does this tell you about the nature of sin and its effects on the world?
  • Read John 8:12.  What did Jesus mean when He said, “You won’t have to walk in darkness”?  How can we live in a dark world yet not walk in darkness?
  • Jesus said, “You will have the light that leads to life.”  Clay mentioned that this light exposes darkness in 2 different areas: around us and within us.  Discuss with your group what this might look like.
  • Read Matthew 5:14-16.  In verse 14, Jesus spoke to the crowds on the mountainside and told them, “You are the light of the world.”  Give some examples of how you can be the light to those around you.  What are some things that might hinder you from being the light to others?
  • Read John 3:16–21. Clay said, “Christ not only brings light; He also brings deliverance from the darkness.”  How have you experienced this in your own life?
  • “It is Jesus or darkness; there is no third alternative.”  How does this reality impact you?  What do you believe is your call to action based on this truth?

Start doing. Commit to a step and live it out this week.

  • This week, seek to shed light on dark sins by confessing them to God (1 John 1:8-10) for forgiveness and discerningly confessing them to one another (James 5:16) for healing and prayer.

Start praying. Be bold and pray with power.

  • Thank Jesus for bringing us out of the darkness.  Ask Him to help us to not hide, but to shine His light into this world.  Confess your sins to Him and ask for His forgiveness and help in repentance.

Start digging. For further study.


Clay Weed

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