Was That You Lord? 24 Sep 17

(Message 3) What if it really was possible to hear from God — personally, consistently, intimately — as we navigate life here on Earth? In this message, we will discover five clear filters we can use to test every whisper we receive.

2 Mistaken views on how God speaks to us:

  1. A message a minute
  2. Whatever happens is God’s will


How can I know a whisper is from God? 5 Questions:

  1. Does the prompting align with the character of God?
  2. Is it Scriptural?
  3. Is it wise?
  4. Does it align with my gifting and skills?
  5. What do the people I most trust think about the prompting I have received?


  1. Have you ever moved forward in something you thought to be the will of God but it turned out to be your own idea?  Share your example.
  2. Go around the room and suggest why you think hearing from God can be so confusing? 
  3. Do you think God wants it to be confusing?  What do the following verses promise us: Isaiah 30:21, Psalm 143:10, Isaiah 58:11, and John 10:27?
  4. Read and discuss Matthew 25:14-30.  What is the difference between receiving direction from a “message a minute” taskmaster or receiving direction from a Father who gives his children autonomy and freedom?  How does our view of God affect the way we hear and respond to Him?
  5. Read Exodus 32:9-14.  How often do you simply accept the circumstances of life without talking to God about them?  What does this story from Exodus teach you about accepting circumstances without questioning them?
  6. Discuss the 5 filters that Pastor Troy mentioned in the message.  
  7. Is there a decision or a whisper from God that you are considering right now?  Take a moment to write it down: ______________________________________________
  8. Put your whisper or prompting through the 5 filters to verify that it is from God.
    1. Does it align with the character of God?
    2. Is it scriptural?
    3. Is it wise?
    4. Does it align with my gifting and skills?
    5. What do the people I most trust think about the whisper I have received?
      • Ask your small group to help you as the “trusted friend filter.”  
  9. Did the filters help clarify the decision?
  10. Take a moment in your small group closing prayer to thank God for communicating to you throughout your day in whispers. Ask Him to open your ears to hear them this week.  

Extra discussion: Your small group leader will tell you the story of Gerry Couchman.  Gerry shared two of his whispers from God.  One was to donate his kidney to a man he hardly knew.  The other was to be the hands and feet of Jesus while serving local-church pastors.  Discuss the importance of listening to and acting on both kinds of whispers: direction from God to do something major in our lives vs. God’s guidance on our day-to-day activities.  

Daily Scripture Readings:

Day 1:  Psalm 143:1-6

Day 2:  Psalm 143:7-12

Day 3: Jeremiah 33:3; Jeremiah 29:11-13

Day 4: 1 John 1:1-7

Day 5: John 15:1-8

Day 6: John 15:9-17

Day 7: John 15:18-27




Troy Knight